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Newborn Session


Newborn sessions are taken at my house. Currently sessions are scheduled on Saturdays or Sundays. (Occasionally during the week). I have built up quite the selection of vintage props, as well as headbands and hats. I welcome your ideas and own photo props too. If you have a special blanket or bonnet; please bring it! These pictures are going to be precious. It's a time where you can sit back, relax, and watch your little miracle at it's cutest.

1. When should my infant get their pictures done?

Newborn sessions are typically done within the first two weeks of life. Babies are easier to position and keep asleep the younger they are. After a few weeks, baby acne can start to set in too. If your infant is little older than two weeks, I will still be able to work my magic and would love to photograph your new bundle.

2. Why hire a professional photographer?

Your baby will get hundreds of candid photos taken of them at the hospital and at home, but a professional photographer has the expertise to capture your little bundle with an artistic eye. Seeing your infant wrapped up in cheesecoth, with a knitted hat, and cuddled up in a vintage box is something you will cherish forever.

3. What about parents/siblings in the pictures?

Parents and siblings can be included in your newborn's session. If big sister or brother is coming along it works well to bring snacks and an activity for them to keep them entertained. An extra set of hands is helpful too. We live nearby a park. If you have a helper, that is another option that works well. Tell your littles it needs to be quiet for the new baby. Once baby is asleep, we will sneak in the rest of the family. Another option is to have one parent with the siblings drive separate. I will take baby's photos first and then the full family half way through. Whatever works best for your family!

*Siblings  ----------------------$250 total

*Parents  ----------------------$250 total

*Siblings & parents---------$300 total


4. What steps do I take before the session?

It's best to feed your baby right before I take their pictures. Try to keep them awake for as long as possible, this way they will be nice and sleepy for their pictures. A full, tired infant is the easiest to pose into those breathtaking shots we want.

Things to bring/have on hand




*special props/hats/headband/etc

*pictures of specific poses you want


5. What should I expect at the session?

Depending on your babe, sessions typically last around two to three hours. Whatever baby needs/wants, they will get it! Often newborns need a nursing/bottle break or diaper change half way through. Some infants take a long time to get to sleep. DO NOT  WORRY, I will get them to sleep. Most of the pictures I take your baby will be in the nude or close to it with a wrap on. This means it will be hot. I crank up the space heater to get baby nice and toasty. A warm baby equals a sleepy baby. Safety is a top priority when photographing these little babes! I will never put your baby in a position or placement that could put them in danger. For extra safety, I will ask you to sit close by. If your baby happens to go to the bathroom on any of the props or blankets, know that I expect it! If a newborn doesn't go, it is rare. All materials get washed after each session.



I think that about covers it!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

I'm already excited!

Newborn sessions are my favorite.

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