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1. When should I have my child's photo taken?

Depending on the season the absolute-most-AMAZING light is 15-30 minutes before sunset. If your child is happy around this time: lets go for it! If this is out of the question, pick a time when your little one is happy. Morning and late afternoon provide ideal light for indoors. Keep in mind that a session indoors with backdrops requires LIGHT. If it's too dark, there is a chance we might have to change the time or date of the session. As of right now I only use natural light. You know your child the best. Pick a time that works the best for them.

2. Why hire a professional photographer?

Life is busy! Not to mention, children are busy bodies. I spend a lot of time chasing my little ones around the house with a camera. I get the best pictures of them when I have a helper and a deliberate idea. It works well when mom or dad make the child laugh and I am there to capture those grins. A professional photographer has an artistic eye that results in beautiful photos you will cherish forever.

3. What if I have more than one child?

The more the merrier! Each additional child is an extra $15. The photo shoot will consist of individual photos of each child as well as pictures of the siblings together.


4. How can I prepare for the session?

It's a GREAT idea to feed your child before you come. A kid with a full belly is much more content than a hungry one. Bring a snack and something to drink in case your child needs a break. Have your outfits planned out at least one day in advance. Neutral colors with a pop of color look the best. My favorites are red, yellow, OR teal. Neutrals include black, blue jeans, cream, tan, and various shades of gray. White tends to get a bit washed out. Tell your little one ahead of time that they will be getting their pictures taken. Tell them it's going to be fun. Try to get them excited about it! A few things to bring include:

*A snack (something that's not messy)

*Something to drink

*2-3 outfits

*Fun props (toy, blanket, tutu, etc)

*Wipes to wash their face

*Sunblock/bugspray if outside


5. What should I expect at the session?

Upon meeting your family, I will try my best to make your child get comfortable. I want them to be happy when I start taking their pictures. I will joke around with them, sing songs, and show them funny faces. Whatever it takes to make them laugh; I am ready for it! Positive reinforcment always works great with children. If they come to a point where they are not cooperating, please let me try to coaxe them back to becoming excited and intrigued about it. If we see a tantrum upon us, they are telling us it's time for a break AND this is o.k. with me! Again, I want your child to be happy. After their break, they can come back and take more photos. You can help by being silly in the background. Kid photo sessions are very fun when everyone is on board.


I think that about covers it!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Kids are so much fun to photograph!

I can't wait to meet your little one and see their personality come out!

Child Session

Child sessions are planned outside in the spring, summer, and fall months. I do have the ability to take indoor photos, but ONLY IF SPECIALLY ARRANGED BEFOREHAND in my home in Hanover. I have a variation of hats, headbands, and cute props for kiddos to sit in and on. I welcome your items as well. If your child has a loved stuffed animal or toy; feel free to bring it. Tutus are always adorable and so are suspenders! Child sessions are a time to let your little one be themselves. The best pictures are those where your child is truly having a good time.

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